january 7, 2016: the puppy pen is empty!

so quiet and lonely here without the babies.


have to break the puppy pen down and store it back in the barn, wash all of the toys and bedding, organize the whelping equipment and store it all upstairs to be ready for the next litter. then i get to re-oil my floors, move my bed back to be centered between the windows, put the bedside tables back on either side of the bed, bring the bench back from the great room, . . . .

but, in the meantime, i have been really busy. one of the key things i’ve done since LILA/MULAN left, now that gracie is over 2 years old, was take her to dr. powell in connecticut to have her hips x-rayed. the unofficial reading is that her hips are good to excellent!! today i have to order the two dna tests and make an appointment with the veterinary ophthalmologist in deerfield ma for her first annual eye examination . . . then if gracie doesn’t start her heat before all of the official results are in and they all are normal¬† . . . more puppies in the spring!!!! if not then more molly babies next winter. i hope that the next litter is as sweet and good as molly and george’s litter was while they were here. just so much fun! i miss them all, but so glad they have moved on to such great homes. xxx’s and ooo’s to all of them.

be sure to follow bodhi, dewey, emily, lila and poppy’s pages to watch them grow up. the fun continues . . . .


january 5, 2016: aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

day 83:

internet for this whole town has been out since early last evening, about the time i was set to post.  so lost without it. the only place in town with service was the library who uses a different service that no one else in town has. was all set to bundle up and bring my computer there, when (thank goodness!), we got it back.

so, last night, symon and francesca came up to see their little LILA/MULAN.


the visit was way too short. LILA/MULAN watched them leave while standing in the sink, and once she saw the tail lights go down the driveway, she was ready to get down and play some more.



today, LILA/MULAN looked so cute right after her bath.

my last hugs and kisses . . . .


then it was time for LILA/MULAN to go to her new home.



francesca drove and symon got puppy duty in the back seat. LILA/MULAN made herself at home with the cardboard roll from paper towels.

one last look . . . next stop brooklyn and her new home!


january 3, 2015: a relaxing sunday

day 81:

i had about 3 hours worth of things to do in the kitchen so LILA/MULAN came out to join me. she ran around. she checked out all of the toys . . . but put an empty water bottle in the dog/toy bed and spent about 10 minutes playing with it.


all tired out from running around the kitchen, while i was working on the computer LILA/MULAN went to sleep under my feet.


in an attempt to tire her out, i took her to sheepgate – hopefully we will both be able to get some sleep tonight.


bob sat down with LILA/MULAN . . .

and when she got tired of being held, she got down on the floor and played with a sheep skin scrap.

january 2, 2016:

day 80:

definitely not as much fun in the kitchen without brothers and sisters to play keep away with.



of course, there is always the toy/dog bed and its treasures.

poor lila was so lonely last night. hopefully, tonight will be better and i will be able to get some sleep.

january 1, 2016: and then there was one


POPPY/ARIEL was not all that thrilled with her bath. when pleading with me with her eyes didn’t work, she looked for other ways out of the sink.


brian and nicole came to bring POPPY/ARIEL to her new home.


POPPY/ARIEL seems fascinated with brian.

paperwork all filled out and discussed, it was out to the car for the ride to boston.


outside and then into the car. so sweet, i am going to miss this little girl – such a love!

LILA/MULAN was not at all happy to be left alone. she cried and cried and then howled and howled and then cried and cried again. she eventually settled down – must be so hard for this little girl to be all alone.


december 31, 2015: it’s new year’s eve!

day 78:

i’ve had a lot of problems with mozilla and posting tonight . . . but finally!

sonja is having a lot of people over tomorrow for dinner and came over to borrow a roasting pan. while here the two girls came running out to say hello.


if it makes anyone feel better, the girls have been crying periodially throughout the day – i think they miss their brothers and sister.

december 30, 2015: EMILY/JASMINE and DEWEY/ERIC leave today for their new homes

day 77:

before leaving here, puppies get their first bath . . .


neither EMILY/JASMINE nor DEWEY/ERIC look all that happy about it, but they tolerated it well.


then they both had their ‘peticures’.

DEWEY/ERIC got a hug from my brother for being such a good boy.


mary and mike and laurie and mike arrived to pick up their new puppies. paper work discussed and taken care of, laurie and mary put the babies’ harnesses on them and then it was time to leave.


DSCF2001DSCF2005DSCF2002too soon it was time for the babies to go to their homes in new hampshire. mary and laurie put the leashes on. EMILY/JASMINE and DEWEY/ERIC did real well on the ice/snow for the first time. mike and mike loaded up the car with the bags of ‘stuff’ that went with the babies.


mary had EMILY/JASMINE wave goodbye while DEWEY/ERIC’s dad looked on.

laurie held DEWEY/ERIC, EMILY/JASMINE came over and they both looked out the car window for one last look at their first home.

and then there were two